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The Home Utility Project is a freeware Desktop Interface for starting all your Internet, Security, Settings, Multimedia, Hardware, Documents, and Portable programs.

Ideas for the HOME project began prior 2004, with various small utilities being published over the internet. Followed by a two year plan for a single multiface in 2006.

HOME speeds up all the things we want to do by clicking the buttons we require.

HOME is programmed for use with Internet Explorer already installed.

HOME shows you another better way to compute !

HOME is a wholeness way of life !

Welcome !






Home is a freeware Desktop Interface combining the similarities of a program launcher and gui.

A personal lifestyle utility that lets us have all the programs we need in one handy location.

Stop mousing around your computer - start programs, open files, webpages faster.

Quickly start multiple programs that help complete your multi-facet projects.

Power users can pop it onto a Flash Drive as a Portable Application.

Access your other opened programs by clicking in the taskbar.

Simply walk up to your computer and begin . . .

Enjoy !



. . . it started with



All of the projects are HTML Applications and are written using HTA methods and styling.

The focus will now be towards new interface styles, backgrounds, buttons, and colours.

Select the Version you require and download the project to My Documents and unzip.

Always read the included Manual before starting to use any of the projects.

Access all your files from the privacy of your own Home . . .

Right mouse click > Save as . . .

Easy !


HOME3 (WinME) 1024x768px Special Edition
(Now includes ScreenLights
HOME3 SE (250K Basic) - HTA


HOME4 (WinME) 1024x768px Special Edition
(Now includes ScreenLights
HOME4 SE (1.3Mb) - HTA


HOME5 (WinXP+) 1024x768px Special Edition
(Now includes ScreenLights
HOME5 SE (170K Basic) - HTA


MobileHOME (WinXP+) 1024x768px
(Includes Multiple Editable Screen Sizes)
New! MobileHOME (20K Basic) - HTA New!


Safely Remove Hardware . . . in Safemode . . .
New! Hotplug Safemode (5K) - HTA New!
( right-click save as... )


New for 2020 . . .

Nice lite HTA programming . . .

Save as Name.hta then run . . .
New! Standalone HTA (5K) - TXT New!
( right-click save as... )


Fast any screen resolution . . .
New! Run HTA (5K) New!
( right-click save as... )


Only a life lived for others is worth living.

Albert Einstein.




Archived collections of add-on programs, configurations and playthings.

While it has taken much time and effort in writing them - they also offer ideas, knowledge, and information for the HTA (and HTML) programmer designing their own applications.

None of these HTA programs contains any nasty, malicious, or viral content.

Adjust any programs you like for your own IE browser version . . .

Download and use each day, or keep for the future . . .

Right mouse click > Save as . . .


The original contained multiple .hta's that offered unique program methods, however due to storage capacity i have needed to limit this archive down, hopefully still leaving good things for folks. The good olde Win9x era was far more enjoyable . . .

Home Extras 2.8Mb - ZIP





A range of images and videos . . .


Take it all with you on a thumb drive . . .

. . . including your important backups !



Latest ! Camera Battery Cover Saver - YT Latest !

Latest ! Floor Fan 12vdc Part 1/2 - YT Latest !

Latest ! Floor Fan 12vdc Part 2/2 - YT Latest !

Latest ! Inside STK-465 Amp - YT Latest !



Updated ! Guitar Chords 2 HTA 100kb - ZIP Updated !

New ! Guitar Chords Planner HTA 60kb - ZIP New !

Updated ! Guitar Pedals HTA 50kb - ZIP Updated !


New ! Jeff's Easy Inline Distort / Reverb Version2 Switched - Video New !

New ! Jeff's Reverb 1N69 Signal Diode Test - Video New !



Updated . . .

The ONLY tape player hta available . . .

New ! Cassette Player MP3 (HTA) 80Kb - ZIP New !

. . . continualy added to, pick one up !

. . . suits winxp mplayer v6.4

1 | 12 | 20



New ! Laptop Cool Riser ( video ) New !

( two part project )


New ! Input Counter 5Kb - ZIP New !

( two part project )


Train Controller 3Mb - ZIP
( temporary download )

Archives: My Train Controller 2013.

Archives: Train Controller 2013 1/2.

Archives: Train Controller 2013 2/2.

Archives: Signal Lights 2013.

Archives: Turntable Motor 2013.


Jeff Phillips YouTube Channel
( here's to all who came before me to show the rail changes )

Drawing: Old Auckland Railway Station - Subway (80Kb) - GIF
( now inside home extras zip )

My Railway Layout - YouTube

Auckland Railway Station
Photographs Photograph Manukau Bridge


- - -

Auckland Strand Station NZ

New ! Auckland Railway Stn 2001 - Remastered 2020 New !

New ! Auckland Railway Stn - Poster 2020 1.7mb New !

( Uploaded Labour Weekend 2020 )

- - -


A few of the other projects...
Right - Click Open In New Tab...



The Rider Project 2005 1

The Rider Project 2005 2



Model Railroading Turnout Motor

Model Railroading Jinty 3F 2002

Archives: Train Controller 2013 1/2

Archives: Train Controller 2013 2/2

Jeffs RailFlyer Project 2014 1/2

Jeffs RailFlyer Project 2014 2/2

Archives: Turntable Motor 2013

Archives: Signal Lights 2013


Simple Rotator

Mini Lifter 2016

Display Flasher

Floppy Box Repair

Vintage Flashlights

Linear Actuator 2015

Simple Battery Tester

Goblin Teasmade D21

Old Torch Bulb Socket

Linear Actuator Updated

Old Gas BBQ Starter Bulb

Goblin Teasmade D25 1955

Flasher Two Relays - Part 2

Actuator Hopper Experiment

Solar Panel Mover ME / XP+

Old Miller Bicycle Lens Bulb

Simple Power Reader 3-12vdc

Washing Machine Spin Repair

Various: Sega SC3000H 1980's

Flasher Two Relays 2017 Part 1

Various: Peltier H20 Experiment

Steamship Flashing Lightbulb No.1

Steamship Flashing Lightbulb No.2

Jeffs QuietCam Rotator Project 2014

TraCamPan (Scenery/Object filming)

Simple Mechanical Power Delay/Polarity Switcher 1

Simple Mechanical Power Delay/Polarity Switcher 2

Simple Mechanical Power Delay/Polarity Switcher 3

Convert AC Reduction Gear To DC 2016

ISS(Zarya) Anzac Day NZ 25/4/2020

Auto-Reverse AC Motor (low power)

Lighthouse Rotator Mechanism

Olde archimedes screw project

Toilet Seat Plastic Bolt Repair

Rotary Potentiometer Tester

Old VCR Tape Lifter 1

Old VCR Tape Lifter 2

Soldering Iron Guard

Dongle Cable Repair

Counter Interface

Enclosure HDD



Life: Light On Canvas 2015

Various: Lighthouse 2015

IYOL 2015: Colours 1/5

IYOL 2015: Colours 2/5

IYOL 2015: Colours 3/5

IYOL 2015: Colours 4/5

IYOL 2015: Colours 5/5



Jeff's Small House Design 2018

3D-Frame Desert Border Scene 2016

Old Phone Box




Really Really Did See Santa ! ! !

The Last Known Cracker !!!


Guy Fawlks 2018

Time Traveller

Bubbles 3D


Hobby Switches

Guitar Spinesaver

Loudness Control

Guitar NeckSaver 1

Guitar NeckSaver 2

Guitar Duster Project

Guitar Tone Capacitor

Stereo Expander Project

Headphones Wide Stereo

Three Pedals Project 2017

Stereo Wide Control Knob 1

Stereo Wide Control Knob 2

DSE Project ZA1671, K-3421

Old Chunky Headphones Inline Controller



Lightning Show 14/12/18

Stargazer Neck Support

Watch For Horses !!!

Garden Trolley 2016


Memories 1980

Memories 1980 Part2

Memories 1980 Part3

Memories 1980 Part4

Memories 1980 3D 1/2

Memories 1980 3D 2/2

Beautiful Walkway Mural

Beautiful Building Fascia's

Western Springs Stadium 1980


Temporary Cooking Element Bracket Repair

Summer Lite Style - Sitting Neck Support

Cupboard Catch Spring Repair

Eyewear Anti-Fogging Clipons

Fine Veggie Grater Project

That Wine Rack (altvers)

Quick Yummy Snacks

Mezzaluna Protector

Eyewear Repair 2020

Simplify BBQ's 2016

Best Comb Repair

Mirror Repair 2020

Handmixer Repair

No Mess Bearder

No Lost Locks !!!

Tom DeWooder

Mixer Cleaner

Tongs Repair

Can Cooker


Yet a few more projects...
Through The Years: Projects 2016.



Making my ideas for your own Business . . .

Due to Covid-19 it seems like an idea to offer any of my projects to New Zealanders free of copyright first !!!
Most of them were purely just idea's or repairs or additions to something else, but please do make money
from them if you are a Small or Medium Business struggling for idea input, hope this helps.

No need to mention my copyright, just use to keep going in life.

Direct any questions to this website notice. Enjoy !

Jeff Phillips.


Notice 8/5/2020 effective forever.

[ overseas, please respect ]


Here's just a few, but browse through all ideas on channel . . .

Through The Years: Projects 2016 - YouTube
(Click on Show More for Notes)




The Great Steampunk Race ! ! !






Please help one of the many beautiful animals on our earth.


Edit HTM, Save MHT with background, Export PDF,
Handy for backing-up all your HTML Webpages
Open unviewable pre-saved MHT files, Open
MHT files fast without browser.


Maximize favourite program window
Keep regular program positions


Change your Windows98/ME desktop icons Text Colour,
and Text Background to transparent, so you can
display your favourite Desktop Picture.


Design your own clock face.




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Multiple copies of this webpage exist. If there is something you would like to discuss
then feel free to send a polite email to the address below with your concerns.



Updated: 10/03/2021



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